The Benefits of Hair Replacement Systems

29 Oct

With the continuing advancement of technology and practices, hair replacement systems are becoming an increasingly popular solution for people suffering from hair loss. Hair replacement systems are a non-surgical and proven successful form of treatment whatever the cause of hair loss, for men, women and even children. This technique, specially designed for each patient, involves hair being implanted into a micro thin membrane, which is positioned and applied securely to the desired areas. There are many benefits to hair replacement systems as an alternative to surgical treatment, laser therapy or less advanced hair pieces, giving the appearance of a fuller and healthier head of hair.


Hair transplant surgery can provide the required results, but for many people it may not be the ideal solution to hair loss. There are higher risks involved with hair transplant surgery during and after the operation, including the chance of infection or pain which may require medication. It has been suggested that some patients may even suffer from a sudden ‘shock loss’ of the newly transplanted hair, which would require further procedures. Hair replacement systems are a cheaper way to achieve the desired look of more hair, without the discomfort and potential problems associated with its surgical equivalent.

Natural looking

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that the new hair will match the patient’s natural or desired hair colour and density. Stylists also take into consideration your age and length of hair, as well as your lifestyle, so you can get a natural appearance that suits you and your daily needs. The results can be made more subtle as the systems can be implemented gradually, over a period of weeks or months. Through this replacement method the transformation will be less noticeable straight away, and provides the movement of usual hair.

Immediate results

Although hair replacement systems can be done gradually, there are also pre-designed options and treatments which are optimal for those who want quicker results. The immediate effects of hair replacement systems can be benefitted by anyone, regardless of the amount of hair loss or its cause. The new hair can be styled in any way to easily and instantly change the way your hair looks. For those considering hair replacement, getting a consultation will help you decide which type of hair replacement is best in the time that most suits your needs.


Unlike with the results of having hair transplant surgery, hair replacement systems are not irreversible. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the new hair, it is simple to remove the system or have this changed. As such hair replacement systems are a more versatile method of creating a fuller head of hair.

Increase confidence

Hair loss can start at any age and for a variety of reasons, from genetics, to stress and other medical issues. The condition may leave people feeling self-conscious and unconfident, and have a negative psychological impact on the way they engage in everyday life. Hair replacement systems are an effective, safe and successful way for those suffering from hair loss to boost confidence and restore happiness with their appearance.

Advanced Appearance have over 25 years’ experience within the hair replacement industry, providing professional and confidential service and support. If you are considering hair replacement, would like a restyle or have any questions about the treatment options available, please contact us on 0121 377 7689, or email


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